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Social Media Marketing

Social media projects of clients in our company are assumed to be our projects. From collecting data on the target audience to delivering the finest piece that suits the competition, we make appropriate efforts to make the brand stand out. We focus on increasing sales by investing in the best form of engagement to attract more viewers and buyers towards the client's brand.
If you wish to expose your brand and bring it to public notice, you have come to the right place. Any small or large business can benefit from our services. Not only do we strategise social marketing, but we take proper actions to grow your business. If you wish to create handles on various social media platforms and attract more buyers, you can benefit from our services.
The social team handles social media platforms with high interfaces like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Facebook is one of the biggest platforms and has the largest audience for any business. The selection of social platforms highly depends on the brand's services and the platform where the maximum audience stands.
You must use social media to provide your brand with social recognition. Everyone today has one or more social accounts on various platforms. These platforms are stepping stones to spreading brand awareness. The right use of social media can take your brand to unbelievable heights.
  • Identification of Objectives - We learn about social objectives from the clients to find out the goal.
  • Social Media Audit - Our team determines the current level of performance and social presence of the client
  • Account Management - The accounts of various platforms are modified in accord with the latest trends
  • Market Analysis - Competitor websites are assessed for a better approach
  • Content Plan - Quality content is scheduled and created to meet the social media marketing objectives
  • Ongoing Analysis - Each post and campaign is examined for quality
  • A post is a form of content that your followers can share and view. Posting is an organic way of digital marketing, while an ad, on the other hand, is a paid post to increase reach. The ads are shown to users besides your followers, which facilitates making more people aware of the services you provide.
    Not every project is the same. Each project requires proper planning of the roadmap and execution of the strategy. To be able to outline the standard pricing for social media is not possible as every task is different and requires a different strategy. To discuss your requirements and to outline the pricing, contact us!

    Content Marketing

    Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a tool used onsite and offsite to increase traffic. The usage of search engines on content improves the quality and quantity of traffic. The traffic on the web is derived from search, and therefore, the growth of your channel is dependent on it.
    Keywords are those words and phrases which are used by search engines to find related information indicating the answer, such as images, videos or related pages. Optimisation of content is highly dependent on the SEO keyword and title used. The usage of keywords in the right quantity is also important to increase search engine ranking.
    Search engines will be able to record your site depending on the amount of content you publish. To familiarise the search engine with your website, you must publish content often. However, the content must meet the quality parameters to make the audience and search engines acknowledge it.
    A blog is a commonly used trick to attract more traffic and increase brand awareness. Not only do you have complete command over the marketing content, but it is easier to distribute. Useful content can reach the potential audience via the help of a blog which will ultimately increase your sales.
    Content marketing is a process of creating educational or amusing information to promote brand awareness. The content created is distributed for free, unlike an ad, to increase traffic and promote sales of the services and products you offer. These informational assets are one of the methods to promote your brand.
    The copywriter of the content will be handed over to you once the content is delivered. If you are satisfied with the content price and prefer no changes, then the content is all yours. You are free to use the content the way you want. You are free to put it up on various sites for trafficking.
    The pricing of SEO blogs and articles varies from niche to niche. The length of the SEO article or blog, the density of keywords and the niche are responsible for deciding the pricing. Long SEO blogs/articles will cost more than shorter ones. Niches like sports and lifestyle costs are lower than BFSI and medical SEO content.

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a process of advertising products and services offered by a brand using digital channels. These channels help the brand connect with the audience by delivering relevant content. B2B and B2C, all kinds of businesses can benefit from digital marketing as it helps increase brand awareness amongst the potential audiences.
    Yes, digital marketing is indeed cost-effective in India as you can make your business visible online at a low cost. You get an opportunity to make your products and services reach the audience affordably. When you choose to hire a digital marketing agency, you get to meet all your parameters and stay ahead of all under a package at an affordable cost.
    Advantages of digital marketing include-
  • You get to connect with the audience and convince them to buy your products
  • You increase brand awareness at a cost-effective rate
  • You can keep a record of your growth by measuring insights
  • Keep an eye on competitors and stay ahead of them
  • Online marketing is a platform where you get an opportunity to connect with your audience via digital means. You can make your brand excel by making it familiar with search engines and persuading the target audience with the right strategy. The main purpose of online marketing is to increase the traffic and sales of your services for business growth.
    Brand awareness is making your brand a purchasing habit of the customer. If your brand has high awareness, you have gained more value and buyers. It helps in the promotion of your products and services and is considered truthful and trendy. Brand awareness brings your customers closer to your brand.
    After your business comes online, the growth initiates. You must use the domain name to promote your brand via social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn or your website. Create content to attract more buyers and make the brand more visible. Lastly, track your progress and make changes in the findings.
    Digital marketing services are effective and have a wide reach in making a brand visible, to accelerate your business we offer various kinds of digital marketing services. All of these services including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Management (SMM), Content Creation, Web Presence and Web Design and development contribute to making your website more visible.
    Yes, we offer the services of paid marketing or digital advertising to attract your potential audience. Digital channels, search engine result pages (SERPs), social media websites and platforms are used in advertising your business. Paid marketing helps you encourage your brand awareness, customer engagement and target a specific segment of the audience.

    Web Presence Management

    We believe that customer attraction is highly dependent on your website. We work on building an impressive website to attract a potential audience. We take the project and work on it with ample dedication and meet the timelines to keep the pace of growth moving. We focus on making the base tougher to build a stronger structure.
    Web presence is a form of spreading awareness via the internet. The complete digital footprints of a company are available on the internet, which helps in brand recognition. Website of the company, social media handles, videos and posts. Email, press releases and registration on business directories show the presence of business online.
    A growing web presence helps in making the business reach more people and build more contacts. Web presence keeps you ahead of your competitors. Using search engines and social media can make your brand evolve faster. The enhanced search engine ranking will bring you more customers and recognition.
    You need SEO for your business due to the following reasons-
  • To make the brand more visible and to increase the traffic
  • To familiarise the products and services you offer
  • To build more contacts and trust with customers
  • For higher search engine ranking
  • To ultimately grow your business and web presence
  • If you want to grow your business with unique tactics, you have come to the right place. If you want your first impression to be potentially extraordinary, then iWrite is the place for you. We will work with you hand in hand and help you obtain a better web presence.
    Local search is the use of graphic information like state, city or pin code during a search. Local SEO brings relevant sites, images and videos that match the location and is a great way to obtain awareness. Within the limited geographic area, the search engine finds out the most suitable local business and helps in developing a web presence.
    Web presence management is aligning and maintaining the social media channels of your brand to increase visibility, reputation and awareness. Various strategies like SEO, SEM, SMM, Web designs and development and much more are used to build stronger contacts with the customers. Web presence management brings closer the customers you need.

    Website Design and Development

    Web designing is the creation of graphical elements that can be used online for an attractive and trustworthy website. Infographics, ads, logos and the creation of landing pages are a part of web designing. Web development on the other hand is the maintenance of the website. Web design and development services help you build an attractive website that is SEO friendly.
    Every project is different from the other and therefore the cost of making a new website differs. The investment to build a new website depends on the needs of the project. Contact us if you wish to inquire how much it will cost to build a new website for you. We will quote the cost once questions regarding your needs and requirements will be answered.
    Yes, we can help you improve your pre-existing site. Redesigning the pre-existing site will be quicker and more cost-effective. If your website is not friendly to search engines, does not look professional, is not attracting visitors or is less attractive then contact us! We can help you improve your website by solving all these problems.
    For the design and development of your pre-existing or a new website, you must be ready with the profile of your business. We will need your contact information, a list of products and services that you offer and all the information that you want to be displayed. As all the information will be added to the web you must provide us with everything that you want your audience to see on your website.

    The web design and development process to increase sales, expand your market and create awareness is -

  • 1. Consultation
  • Contact us to discuss your requirements and to plan the goals to excel your brand.
  • 2. Design Development
  • We will work hand in hand with you to develop a website that is visually attractive and SEO friendly.
  • 3. Web Development
  • After you approve the mockup we will insert the contact that you want your target audience to see.
  • 4. Evaluation before Launch
  • Once the website is ready we will send a copy for your final approval.
  • 5. Website Launch
  • After approval, the website will be launched and will be live for everyone.
  • 6. Ongoing Support
  • We will help you maintain your website by fixing technical issues, user feedback and upgrading it as per new technologies.
    Yes, the websites we develop or the websites we freshen up are all search-engine friendly. The search engine guidelines are met to ensure your brand becomes more visible. We also provide ongoing support that keeps our customers up to date with the new rules and algorithms of the search engine updates.
    Yes, the websites we create are all mobile-friendly websites as most of the audience is more apt to it. Customers generally use their phones to shop online or avail of services and thus a mobile-friendly website is important. As we focus on increasing traffic and building brand awareness we create a website that can adopt a variety of devices.

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